SOWTECH Organic Cheesecloth - Best 100% All Natural Food Grade With Unbleached Cotton - Huge Size - 46.8 Square Feet - 5.2 Square Yards - Your Perfect Holiday

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  • 100% UNBLEACHED COTTON - Our cheesecloth is made from natural cotton that has not been dyed. This is so that no color is transferred to the cheese, yogurt or any other food substance that comes in contact with the cloth.
  • MULTI USE - The cheesecloth is a very versatile and can be used for cooking, baking, crafting, straining, decorations, wrapping, mosquito net and much more.
  • HALLOWEEN - With Halloween around the corner, the cheesecloth can be used to make ghosts, scary customs, wrap pumpkins into mummies, spider webs and much more. A must have for a spooky holiday!
  • JUICY TURKEY - The trick to a juicy and moist turkey on the Thanksgiving or Christmas table, is to wrap it in a cheesecloth that is soaked in butter or stock. It stops the turkey from overcooking and drying out.
  • ⭐️ HIGHEST QUALITY & LINT FREE - Our cheesecloth is Grade 50 and has 28×24 threads/inch. It is the most versatile cheesecloth and chefs use this grade for its durability.